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We are here for you!

You might be new to private practice or you might be seasoned but professionally stuck. There is also a solitude that comes with running your own private practice that can be professionally, and even personally, isolating. Wherever you are at, we can help you with every aspect of your business and plug you into the vast network of local resources.

1:1 Business Coaching

In working within the Network, you get access to the years of professional experience (over 15!) that Dr. Wood LCSW has to offer. In addition, you will gain access to the combined expertise, insight, clarity, tips/tricks, and hard-earned wisdom from other private practice entrepreneurs within The Philatherapy Network.

Private Practice Supervision

At the Philatherapy Network, we know we are stronger together. We take the time to support each other through group supervision that covers business development, marketing/outreach, resourcing, clinical case supervision, and general support in practice sustainability. We know what it takes and are happy to be a resource for wherever you are at in your professional life!

Get Networked

Maintaining presence through networking, marketing and outreach can be challenging for any therapist. Some don’t have the time and others just don’t know what relevant parts of themselves they should present to the world. We support you in leveraging your strengths and specializations to get noticed in all the right ways. We also have established connections with the Philadelphia therapeutic community and beyond to offer your practice.


Our offices are located in the stunning Mulberry Atrium Building in Philadelphia, PA. Located on the 3rd floor, we offer large, modern offices that can be rented for as many days per week you would need. Each office has two large windows that have clear views of Philadelphia’s fantastic skyline.

Our offices are decorated to enhance the bright and relaxing atmosphere of the space. Each is fully furnished with a therapist’s chair, a sofa, a desk, bookcases along with anything else a therapist needs to sustain their practice!

We put intention into every detail of this office space so the overall aesthetic is welcoming, comforting, and practical. Our space provides the ideal opportunity for any clinician to come in and easily set up their practice.
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We are happy to help you along your professional journey in any way we can! To join The Philatherapy Network, contact Dr. Wood LCSW with your inquiry or to get more information.