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Erika believes that each person and each problem is unique and that a “one size fits all” approach to therapy simply doesn’t work.  She approaches her therapeutic work by really getting to know her clients, so that she can gain a clear understanding of their concerns, and work together to create a treatment plan that meets the goals and needs of her clients.  While the treatment approach may vary, clients can always expect the same warmth, respect, openness and genuineness from Erika. She is committed to providing an affirming safe space that helps clients in their journey of identifying their most pressing concerns and life challenges in order to achieve emotional and relational wellness. As a Marriage and Family Therapist, she is trained to address general psychological concerns that may impact the individual, the couple, the family and/or the larger system where interactions occur. Simply put, Erika believes life is not siloed and employs a systemic lens to her clinical work. This means that she understands how varying parts of a system can influence one another and ultimately you (whether that’s one person in the room or 5 people in the room). In addition, to her MFT training, Erika has also gained sex therapy training. Her specialties within this realm include infertility, sexual identity, orientation, sexual evolution, as well as relationship therapy.

Erika has presented on relationship and sexuality-based topics on state, national and international levels. Erika also works as a Professor to some of the country’s premiere universities for the disciplines of Marriage and Family Therapy and Human Sexuality. It is an identified point of pride to have such an influence over burgeoning clinicians in the area. She has been recognized for her contributions in both fields and serves on the Pennsylvania Board of Marriage and Family Therapists.

Erika works with a wide variety of individuals, people in relationships, and families from all backgrounds.  This includes providing individual, relationship and family therapy for people of diverse sexual orientations (LGBQ), gender identities (transgender and non-binary), relationship systems (polyamorous, open and kink).
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Dr. Evans-Weaver Specializes in the following areas:

Sexual Dysfunctions, which includes all distressing interruptions in sexual desire, arousal, and orgasm.
Communication Issues
Sexual Pain
Relationship Concerns
Open Relationships
Interfaith Concerns
Out of Control Sexual Behavior
Dr. Evans-Weaver works with the following populations:

People in relationships
Young adults to older adults
LGB individuals and couples
Individuals in polyamorous/open relationships
Women in relationship transitions
Kink and fetish communities

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Dr. Erika Evans-Weaver was Director of the Masters Program and Director of Field Experience at the Center for Human Sexuality Studies (CHSS) at Widener University along with being Assistant Clinical Professor. She is currently the Director of the CHSS Sex Therapy Clinic
Dr. Evans-Weaver received her undergraduate degree from West Chester University in French and Spanish, her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from La Salle University and her PhD in Human Sexuality from Widener University.
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