Clinical Supervision

At Relationship & Sex Therapy Associates, we believe the right supervisor can make all the difference in your professional growth and development. We are trained clinicians who also bring expert clinical skill sets in sex therapy and relationship intervention. Through our supervision sessions, you will learn to identify your areas of expertise and gain the ability and confidence to guide others towards their personal goals.

Our supervisors are licensed clinical social workers who can offer supervision hours towards becoming a Pennsylvania Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). Dr. Thomas Wood is available to offer both clinical social work supervision and supervision hours towards becoming a Certified Sex Therapist through the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT).

What supervision covers

The topics addressed in supervision are:

o Diagnosing and DSM 5.
o Assessment, goal-setting, and treatment planning.
o Clinical interventions.
o Transference and counter-transference.
o Ethics.
o Professional development and professional goals.
o Boundaries and use of self.
o Self-care.
o Risk assessment.
o Case review.
o Sexuality and intimacy assessment and intervention.

Common Questions

The best way to select a clinical supervisor that would be a good fit for you is to ask questions during a phone consultation and/or come in for an in-person meeting with a therapist whose specializations seem right for your professional goals. While you are talking with a potential supervisor, the supervisor can also get to know your clinical interests and background to see if they can be the best option for your professional development.
Our rates are $90/supervision session. Group supervision rates depend on group size.
Typically, supervision is one hour per week in order to claim clinical hours gained in any given week.
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