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  • Depression Low Energy Low self-esteem Poor concentration Lack of interest/enjoyment in life Feeling hopeless Feeling worthless Feeling guilty or shameful Sleep changes Loneliness Bad dreams/Nightmares Feeling ignored/abandoned Appetite changes Mood swings Thoughts of hurting self Thoughts of hurting others Isolating from others/social withdrawal Feelings of sadness/loss Weight problems Stress Anxiety/tension/worry Panic attacks Heart racing Chest pain/heaviness Chills/hot flashes Tingling/numbness Pain Fear of dying Fear of going "crazy" Nausia Fears/phobias Obsessions/Compulsions Thoughts racing Disorganization Procrastination Can't hold onto an idea Anger Frustration Suspiciousness/Mistrustfulness Problems trusting others Easily irritated annoyed Aggressiveness Perfectionist behavior Lying Making/keeping friends Arguing with others
  • Performing unusual rituals or habits Arguing with others Impulsiveness Excessive behaviors (spending, gambling, sex, etc.) Thinking, seeing, believing, hearing unusual things Sexual problems Sexual problems Shyness Lack of social skills Lack of social support (family/friends) Stealing Strange, weird, or peculiar behavior Confusion/Can't think clearly Feeling "not real" Feeling detached from yourself Feeling "hyper" Financial problems Grief/bereavement Health problems Impact of your problems on others Losing track of time Problems with memories Unpleasant thoughts that won't go away Problems with memory Bothered by recurrent thoughts Job/career problems or indecision Destruction of property Self-criticism Family problems Marital relationship problems Parent/child problems Use of alcohol Use of drugs Blackouts Physical abuse Trouble with the law Experienced trauma Witnessed trauma Loss/death of someone close Other: Please specify below
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