In times of disconnection and distress, the way forward is not always clear. We are here to help you take the next steps toward health and well-being.
The Relationship & Sex Therapy Collective Team
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We are a welcoming community of clinicians


Within all of us is a deep need to find and secure intimate closeness. Through the simple act of living, we are challenged with many forms of separation – a source of profound suffering. We can feel separated from others, from ourselves, or from important parts of our humanity. Engaging with a therapist to determine sources of disconnection, restore intimacy, or to resolve sexual problems can have limitless potential for positive change.

In our work, we treat the whole person, not just the problem. Your life doesn’t exist in a vacuum and neither do your concerns. We seek to understand your perspective and the impact of other sources of stress. Through our use of thorough assessment, intuitive feedback, emotional understanding, and skilled communication, you will soon find yourself reconnecting, relating and reclaiming a life grounded in fulfilled living!

Who We Are

A group of clinicians who support growth and well-being through strengths-based and person-centered approaches.

What We Do

Our goal is to support our community by co-creating a space for radical acceptance and healing. We believe that connection holds the potential for awareness and positive life changes that restores individuals and communities.

Where To Find Us

Society Hill, Philadelphia

Contact Information

We are happy to answer your questions or point you in helpful directions.
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